Enterprise Charter School Administration

Mrs. Julie Schwab, Superintendent
Julie Schwab serves as the Superintendent of Schools for Enterprise Charter School. She has extensive experience in leadership roles where she has worked at both the building and district level for over a decade. As a district leader she believes that all students are capable of learning, given a positive educational environment that welcomes exploration and enhances student confidence. She strives to create strong community partnerships with the Enterprise families, faculty, staff and our broader community. 

Mr. Andrew Prinzing, Principal K-8
Andy Prinzing is the K-8 Principal at Enterprise Charter School where he supervises instruction and manages student behavior. He has been a school administrator for ten years and before that, he taught English Language Arts for 14 years. Mr. Prinzing is excited to be a part of the leadership team at Enterprise Charter School and is motivated by the belief that all children can achieve great success with the right supports. As Building Principal, he is proud to lead our dynamic team of teachers, and he looks forward to working with school staff, students, and families as we help each student reach his and her potential. Over the past two years, Mr. Prinzing has helped create after-school and Saturday morning tutoring programs, and he has introduced Restorative Justice Practices to reduce both In School and Out of School Suspensions. 
Mrs. Lynn Shanahan, Assistant Superintendent of Professional Development
Lynn Shanahan is the Assistant Superintendent for Professional Development for Enterprise Charter School. Her expertise is in teaching and learning, literacy instruction, and technology integration. Working in this capacity her goals are to: (a) align and provide teachers and students with a rigorous curriculum, (b) assist in the development of engaging learning environments, (c) help teachers use assessment to drive their instruction, and (d) support student learning in ways that will prepare them for 21st century learning. 
Dr. Yolanda Peay, Dean of Students

Dr. Yolanda Peay serves as the Dean of Students at Enterprise Charter School where she provides ongoing support for managing student behavior.  She has over twelve years of experience as an educator as well as a background in curriculum and instruction.  Dr. Peay was also a classroom teacher, substitute and aid at Enterprise Charter School.  She is excited to return to Enterprise as a member of the leadership team.  Dr. Peay wholeheartedly believes that every student deserves an equitable education and can succeed.  



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