Dignity for All Students Act

Enterprise Charter School is committed to providing a culture of respect that provides a safe and caring learning environment for all students. Therefore, harassment, intimidation, and/or discrimination of any student, staff member, or other individuals by any person or group will be prohibited on school property or at any school-sponsored activity.

The prohibition against hazing, dating violence, harassment, intimidation or bullying is publicized in student handbooks, and in the publications that set the standard of conduct for students within the school. In addition, information regarding the policy is incorporated into employee professional development and training materials.

To report an incident of bullying, harassment, or discrimination please complete an Bully Reporting Form. All reports will be promptly forwarded to the ECS administration and DASA Coordinator for review and action.

Harassment/Intimidation Defined: Hazing, bullying and/or dating violence means any any incident of intentional written, verbal, graphic or physical acts, including electronically transmitted acts, either overt or covert, by a student or group of students toward other students/school personnel with the intent to haze, harass, intimidate, injure, threaten, ridicule or humiliate.




School Documents and Forms

Enterprise Charter School - 2016 DASA POLICY 



The purpose of this video is to educate parents in the guidelines provided in the New York State Dignity for All Students act.DASA was signed in to law in 2012, and was established to promote a safe and supportive learning environment in all public and charter schools free from harassment and discrimination from students and adults.