ECS At-Home Learning

Dear ECS Families, this is our distance learning resource page for remote learning, when required.
Everything your child needs will be accessed through Clever,
Clever is the default home page on all devices and can be accessed simply by closing all windows and opening a new window.
Near the top of your clever portal is your teachers' pages. Find your homeroom teacher and click on their icon. There, you will find a zoom link. Connect during your start time (usually when the school day starts, 9:30) and your teacher will take it from there!
  • Find a nice area to work with no distractions and give your attention, just like school!
  • Use headphones or a headset
  • Mute when you're not speaking
  • If you need help, ask your teacher.

Tech support

Resources on connecting and setting up your device for your first log on is here:

Slide show with instructions on your first login
You can also watch this 5 minute video on setting up your device

You may also be asked to update your device. Please follow this guide:
Please contact your teacher if you are having trouble finding your Zoom session. Do not panic if you can't sign on on the first day, we will get your children online and learning. Thank you for being a member of the ECS Family!
If you are having significant technical difficulties, please try these steps before considering exchanging the device: Resetting your device account