ECS Families, please contact your BPS Board members before March 31st!

Dear ECS Families,

We are excited to see our student’s faces again, masks and all. We are still working with transportation, and will have some information shortly.


Next Wednesday, the Buffalo Public Schools Board of Education (BPS BOE) is planning to vote on whether or not to approve Enterprise Charter School for another term. This is an up or down vote! If you want your child to return to ECS next year, the BPS BOE needs to hear from you ASAP!

Based on their questions, these are things they might be interested to hear:

  1. Enterprise Charter School has provided technology throughout the pandemic to keep your children connected and “in school” with live teaching every day.
  2. Enterprise Charter School takes your child’s academics seriously and is committed to their growth as learners.
  3. Enterprise Charter School still had daily instruction in art, music, theater, and library.
  4. Enterprise Charter School keeps you informed and is responsive to your needs and concerns
  5. As a parent or guardian, you value school choice
Most importantly, you want your children to return to Enterprise Charter School school next year and for years to come!

Finally, we have solid data that shows your children learned despite the challenges, so we thank you for all your support and patience with online learning. The staff of ECS are planning to make the classroom experience better than ever for our students in the years to come, so your support is appreciated. 

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.


Thank you, ECS Families!