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About ECS


Enterprise Charter School's mission is "Engaging young minds through Projects and Partnerships."


Our mission is expressed through our key design elements, with our primary focus on project based learning, comprehensive arts education, and individualized instruction for enrichment and remediation. We engage a variety of partners to support out students academically, social emotionally, athletics, and culturally.  


Our Institution

Enterprise is a public charter school in Buffalo, New York educating children from grades kindergarten through eighth. Founded in 2003, The school is authorized by the Buffalo Public School district, under the new New York State Board of Regents. As a public charter school, Enterprise accepts applications for all students in the greater Buffalo region on a lottery basis, with no tuition. Our enrollment is 405 students.


As an independent public charter school, Enterprise has its own Board of Trustees and Superintendent. Members of the board are appointed through board governance procedures, and board meetings are open to the public. State law provides charter schools with rules regarding enrollment, curriculum, oversight, and reporting, which is overseen by ECS's authorizer, Buffalo Public Schools and the New York State Board of Regents.