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Enterprise Charter School follows the New York state common core guidelines for English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics. The common core standards are observable academic skills that students should be able to demonstrate upon completion of a grade level. State law requires public charter and district schools to benchmark their student academic performance in at least two times a year and participate in the State standardized testing program as required by Federal law.

English Language Arts

The common core standards for ELA focus on the skills necessary to read, write, and speak in English for the purpose of using language (written and verbal) to understand and analyze both fiction and non-fiction texts. At ECS, we use a basal curriculum supported by a variety of instructional strategies to help our students engage in rich experiences of reading and writing. 


The common core in mathematics are vertically aligned mathematical understandings and skills to facilitate problem solving. Students learn the basics of number sense, operations, fractions, decimals, and geometry, and are expected to be able to apply them to solve real-world problems. 
In addition to the common core, all grade levels are exposed to content and activities in Science and Social Studies.
Students in 7th and 8th grade take a 1/2 credit of Spanish and we also offer the younger grades a Hispanic Culture class that introduces them to the arts, people, and places of the Hispanic Diaspora. 
ECS is convinced by the extensive research that an education that includes intensive arts-based learning are an essential pathway for academic success and student engagement. We have a great daily program of music, theater, and visual art.  
We are committed to our students physical and mental wellness. A few years ago, ECS made a major investment by building a full gymnasium. More recently, we have added rooms for gross motor and social emotional learning. As a result we are able to provide our students with some form of physical education or social emotional learning every day, because we recognize that these experiences provide children with much needed activity to balance intensive academic work.