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MTSS Program

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is our process for assessing and making sure we can meet every student where they are academically and socially. Beginning with our initial bench-marking assessment and the prior year's assessments, we build a profile for each individual student so we can provide targeted academic instruction in ELA and mathematics.  In addition to academics, we use the tiered system of MTSS to monitor and support students' social and emotional health and classroom behavior. Families will be notified when a student is recommended for an intervention.
Tier 1 - All students are supported by Tier 1 practices, where teachers implement procedures and provide resources that can help any student succeed in the classroom.
Tier 2 - Some students get targeted interventions at regular intervals and are monitored for progress. These typically happen in small groups to work on specific academic or social skills.
Tier 3 - A few students get intensive targeted interventions with close monitoring of progress on a regular basis either individually or with one or two peers. It is expected that a student should move down to a lower tier after a program cycle. Students who continue to struggle at this tier may be referred to special education.
Individual Education Program (IEP) - After a Tier 3 intervention cycle a few students will be referred to the Committee on Special Education (CSE). After an extensive review of the student's data and evaluation, an IEP may be generated that includes persistent modifications and accommodations in the student's academic program in order to meet their needs.