Families First Campaign

Over the past year, we Zoomed into homes and strove to meet the academic and social emotional needs of our students outside our walls. Interestingly, this allowed our teachers got to speak with the families at home more than ever before. We learned a lot from them, and so "Families First" is our new campaign, because above all else, families are why children grow and thrive, and we can't do it without them. Therefore, are redoubling our efforts to ensure:
  • Our students are doing well at school and at home
  • Our families have access to essential goods and services
  • Families are informed and in-the-loop
  • We build supports to foster success despite challenges brought upon by the pandemic
We have always said ECS is a family, but now it matters more than ever. As we think about continuing the ECS mission, we will be expanding on this, providing more support and communication to our families than ever before, and engaging partners to support the wide range of family needs that impact children's academic success.