Stakeholder Survey - Portrait of an ECS Graduate

Hello ECS Families and the Buffalo Community! 
We want to hear from you with a short survey (just four questions).
Enterprise Charter School has partnered with Education Elements to help us define outcomes for our students that go beyond test scores. It's called, "Portrait of a Graduate." The guiding question is "What should a graduate of ECS be able to do?" The goal is to define the things we want to see in our students, find a way to measure them, and then design student experiences that will bring them to life.
Your voice not only matters in this process, it is essential. We will be embarking on this inquiry over several months, and your participation will have major impacts on how ECS will move forward on behalf of our students and our community. We hope you can join us on the journey on behalf of our students and their families.
Thank you for your support and participation!