Principal's Corner

Principal's Corner April 28th, 2023. 
With the weather getting nicer, it’s easy to think that summer is just around the corner and school will be out soon. The truth is we have 8 weeks left, and these coming weeks are critically important for the ongoing success of our school. Like all charter schools, we have major assessments coming up that are tied to our school accountability and are used to determine whether or not we stay open in future years. I am going to share with you how you can help not only your child, but the next generation of ECS students as well.
First and foremost, keep sending your children to school, every day. The learning isn’t stopping, and in fact, it’s accelerating. Our staff are taking a deep dive into the progress of each child and working on a plan to maximize the time we have left. We can only do that if they are here with us. 
Second, we must continue to sustain our culture of learning. That means all of our students need to be in uniform, with their ECS polos, khaki skirts and pants, and proper footwear.  We want to be dressed for success!
Also, that means continuing our no cell phone policy. Phones are to be turned off and stored in their locker, or in the storage cases for Middle School.  The number one deterrent to learning is distractions.  We want to eliminate distractions as much as possible at school.  Please support us in limiting learning distractions at ECS.
Inspiration and motivation will not change your life. It's the implementation, the action and execution, that will.
ECS executes!
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
-Mr. Jordan Schmidt, Principal